Nylon Bristle Paint Brushes - Round and Flat

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A selection of the most versatile and desirable sizes for the widest range of paints and applications. Premium nylon bristles set in non-rusting chrome-plated brass ferrules apply paints, inks, dyes, washes and more with excellent control. In addition, these brushes flow nicely and keep their shape with no flop-over, even when wet. Smooth wood handles are well-formed and feel great in the hand. Basic care will keep them in fine working condition project after project. Sizes in chart (colour refers to brush handle colour)

Round                   Length                  Width

P01 Black             5.6mm                  0.8mm

P02 Black             6.0mm                  1.0mm

P00 Red               6.3mm                  0.8mm

P03 Black             7.5mm                  1.3mm

P01 Red               8.0mm                  1.2mm

P04 Black             10.0mm                1.4mm

P02 Red               10.0mm                1.7mm

P05 Black             10.5mm                1.7mm

P06 Black             12.0mm                1.8mm

P07 Black             11.6mm                2.3mm


Flat                       Length                  Width

F01 Black             7.5mm                  3.4mm

F03 Black             10.3mm                5.5mm

F05 Black             12.0mm                6.4mm

F08 Black             14.0mm                8.2mm


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Appreciated the guidance in purchasing brushes so tiny for a gift. Thank you